Stages of hair loss: how to act fast?

Hair loss is the number one cause of hair dissatisfaction in men. Being proactive at the first signs of hair loss can help to slow it down.

Men’s hair: weighing up the loss

Androgenic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss, impacts half of adult men. It’s the number one cause of hair dissatisfaction for men in France, the U.S. and India(1). And it can start early.  A broad-reaching study in 9 different countries discovered the first stages of alopecia begins in men under the age of 35(2). That means the millennial generation now.

Act at the first signs of hair loss

Largely due to genetics in men, although there are myriad other triggers, hair first retreats from the edges of the forehead, an area dermatology refers to as the temporal-frontal gulf. Also called male pattern baldness, this thinning at the front of the hairline is commonly referred to as a receding hairline. By the time men reach 45, this area has progressively expanded in size, hair is ever sparser and many men have bald patches on top (the crown). By acting on those initial signs, it’s possible to delay hair loss and give your scalp everything it needs for continued growth. 

Is lifestyle linked to your hair loss?

At the first signs of a retreating hairline, it’s time to take a very close look at lifestyle. Are you eating well? Sleeping okay? Keeping stress at a manageable level? Sleep regenerates the entire body and helps combat stress – a factor in hair loss(3). Iron and zinc are equally vital for a healthy scalp, so supplement on both if you feel your diet may be missing out.

The one discreet thing about hair loss? Its treatment

To fight the baldness evolution, the Aminexil range for men by Dercos is formulated with the clinically-proven active of the same name, to slow the hair fallout*.  Promoting a stronger hold of hair, Aminexil prevents the hardening of collagen around the follicles, a phenomenon linked to excessive hair loss. The three-product range integrates this key ingredient, effectively promoting the anchoring of hair in the scalp, plus further actives proven to slow hair loss.  So your efforts to prevent hair loss are as easy as washing and styling your hair.
*Clinical study, 130 persons, 6 weeks

Under 35? For the first stage of hair loss: Hair gel meets treatment

If you’re under 35, you may have just begun to notice a little less hair – perhaps at the gulfs, (the receding hair line) or the vertex – the crown of your head. Vichy Laboratories searched for actives with known properties to tackle this early phase of hair loss, to act fast - before the scalp itself becomes visible.  Vichy combined Ginger extract, known for its’ antioxidant properties, with Aminexil, recognized for improving scalp health, by working on the health of the hair follicle and preventing collagen around the follicle from hardening to better anchor in the hair. Designed to be applied directly to the areas where hair is becoming thinner, men found Aminexil Intensive Cure’s semi-liquid, semi-thick gel consistency quick drying and easy to use, and ultimately makes hair easier to style. So hair loss prevention becomes just part of the haircare routine.

35 to 50? Advanced stage hair loss: Triple action treatment

If you’re aged between 35 and 50 and experiencing the more advanced stage of alopecia, - thinning, sparser hair, with the scalp appearing in patches, then it’s time for treatment. Applying the Triple Action Treatment Foaming Solution in the Dercos range will give hold back to hair that has thinned.  Aminexil works to re-anchor the hair root to the scalp. Teamed with Bamboo Water for its antioxidant properties, the mousse reduces hair loss and immediately thickens and structures hair. Hair doesn’t seem as sparse and is easier to shape, as it holds better.

At every stage of hair loss, a fuel for your fibers: a Stimulating shampoo

Like a fuel for hair fibers, yet gentle on hair follicles, the Dercos shampoo increases hair volume after repeated washes. Formulated with Creatine and Filloxane, it works to revitalize scalp and densify hair volume. Integrated into a daily shampoo, it strengthens hair fiber and improves the quality of each hair’s surface.

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